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Dog Days of Summer: Keeping Pets Safe from Extreme Heat

The summer is full of beautiful weather, but it also comes with extreme temperatures throughout the country. Even in areas with milder climates, 100-degree days aren’t unheard of in the months of July and August. Of course, pets feel this heat as much as we do, if not more. 

Keep your pets safe and cool all summer long with the tips below. 

Always Have Water Available

Make sure that you’ve got plenty of water on hot days. Some people set out multiple water bowls, use auto-waterers with larger capacities, or check the bowls more frequently to refresh them with cool water. Even if your pet only goes out to go to the bathroom, they still get hot for the short time they’re out there. 

Don’t Leave Dogs Outside

Dogs don’t always know what’s best for them. While most will come in when they’re too warm (or too cold), others will stay outside as long as they’re permitted. If it’s too hot for you outside, it’s too hot for your dogs. Bring them inside. Save the walks for a cooler day. Take them out to use the bathroom and limit that time as much as possible, for both of your sakes. 

If you have to have a dog outside in the heat, give them plenty of shade and water to ensure that they don’t overheat or dehydrate. 

Let Them Stay at Home

If you have a dog that can’t go into the pet store (or other places you need to go), don’t take them. It’s hot outside and it’s even hotter in your car. Everyone tries to make exceptions, but the fact of the matter is this: 

You should never leave your dog in the car when temperatures are extreme. Especially in the heat, an 85-degree day can quickly turn into a 120-degree car, which can cause serious dehydration, which can lead to organ damage and even death. Just don’t do it. 

What if I leave the air on?

What if I roll down the windows?

What if I’m only gone five minutes?

There are no qualifying “what if’s” here—don’t leave dogs in the car. Period. 

Your dog can’t regulate its own temperature or control its environment. That’s up to you. With these tips, it should be easier to keep your pets cool and safe this summer. Contact Dog Training Now Charleston for more information!

Dog Training Now Charleston

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