Everyone wants a well-behaved dog who goes to the bathroom outside, avoids damaging your belongings, and has great overall manners. Part of creating that type of situation involves crate training. A crate is a safe space for your dog that they know is all theirs.

Some people look at crates as cages, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dogs are den animals and enjoy having an enclosed space of their own. A crate offers security and can even calm their anxiety. Below are a few great tips to get started with crate training.

1. Pick the Right Crate

The crate you choose should be comfortable, durable, and flexible for the type of training you choose to do. Kennels are good for dogs that like the dark while less enclosed crates are good for others. It’s important to be sure you select the right size of crate for the dog based on its size as an adult.

2. Create the Right the Mindset

Crates should make your dog relaxed if you want them to enjoy spending time in them. If you put the dog in the crate while you’re playing, it will want to come back out and keep doing that. Moving them to the crate when they are calm makes them see it as a place to relax. Start slowly and then leave them in the crate for longer periods.

3. Utilize Treats

Positive association is a great way to handle crate training. When your pet is in the crate, you can give them treats for doing a good job. Plus, this can get the pet used to staying in the crate for longer periods. It makes the crate a place where they know pleasant things occur.

4. Set the Pet Up for Success

When you want the dog to spend more time in the crate, take it slowly. You don’t want to leave for several hours. Instead, consider leaving them for a few minutes while you grab a coffee. You can record your dog while you’re gone to see how they handle the situation. Make sure to reward them when you return home.

Sometimes, dog owners need a little help training their pets. The tips above will help you get started with crate training, but you don’t have to take on the process alone. When you work with Dog Training Now Charleston, you can work with experts to ensure your dog is trained and happy in his or her crate. 

Dog Training Now Charleston

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