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Does Training Work for Older Dogs?

Everyone has heard the adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” However, have you ever thought about whether that’s true or not? We’re here to assure you that you can definitely train an older dog, as long as you have the right approach and attitude. This is good news for all the families who choose to adopt an adult dog who may not have been trained as a pup.

When you have an older dog who needs training, there are options. Below we’ll go into more detail about the process so you can move forward with all the knowledge you need.

Can Older Dogs Be Trained?

Yes! Older dogs can be trained and sometimes it’s easier than training a puppy. Dogs love to learn, no matter how old they are. If they know training is pleasing you, they’ll be happy to get involved.

The approach you take to train a dog will vary based on the dog’s prior training, background, and breed. But no matter what kind of dog you own, it is capable of being trained. Some dogs just require extra patience and time for the process.

Why Should I Train an Older Dog?

Now that you know you can train older dogs, we want to talk about why you might want to do so. There are many benefits to training dogs of all ages, such as:

  • Bonding – Your dog enjoys spending time with you and loves to get your attention. Training is one of the best ways to provide this.
  • Mental stimulation – Physical stimulation is important but the same is true for mental stimulation. This can be especially important for older dogs who may not be able to get as physical as they were when they were younger.
  • Safety – One of the top reasons to train a dog is for your safety and that of anyone else who is around the dog. Adult and senior dogs are generally larger than puppies and you want to ensure the safety of humans.
  • Manners – Dogs that pee inside, beg, bark, and jump can be frustrating. The best way to teach your dogs some good manners is through training.

No matter the age of your dog, they can benefit from proper training. While most people think of puppies in terms of training, adult and even senior dogs can also learn new things. If you’re ready to access expert training for your canine, Dog Training Now Charleston offers a variety of services to help you. 

Dog Training Now Charleston

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