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When Should You Potty Train Your New Puppy?

Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s always exciting to bring a new pet home. However, many people dread the task of potty training a puppy. It can take time and it requires you to be patient and committed to reaching your goal. At the same time, it’s a great way to bond with your furry family member.

Many people question what the right age is for a puppy to start being potty trained. This blog will answer that question and delve into some tips that can help you do it right.

When to Begin Potty Training

For adult dogs who are brought into the household, potty training should start immediately. However, that is not always the case with a puppy. While you can begin the process, you can’t expect to see a ton of progress until the pup is 12 to 16 weeks old. It takes this long for dogs to gain control of their bladder and bowels.

If the puppy has been using the potty in an enclosed space like a cage, extra encouragement and patience will be needed. However, a bit of effort and a good attitude will result in a fully house-trained pup.

Creating a Potty Training Schedule

When it’s time to start potty training, make sure you are consistent. A daily routine will help your dog master the process and understand what you expect. It also acts as a way to build trust between you and your pup while ensuring they feel secure.

Since being consistent is crucial, your schedule should include:

  • Feeding times that are the same time every day
  • Potty breaks
  • Confinement or crate time
  • Sleep time
  • Playtime

You and everyone else in the house should be aware of the schedule and stick to it. It isn’t enough to have the schedule in your head. Type it out, print it, and put it somewhere the family can see it. You can even go so far as to track progress as you go. Just remember to be patient as pups take some time to acclimate to the new normal.

Is it time to start potty training your puppy? You don’t have to handle the process on your own. Instead, let the experts at Dog Training Now Charleston help you. We offer a variety of training programs for puppies as well as older dogs. Reach out to us today to get started. 

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