Leash training, or choosing not to engage in it, has a huge impact on your quality of life when you have a pet dog. For instance, many people love to travel with their dogs but a leash is needed to do so safely. Whether you’re visiting an outdoor market or taking a neighborhood walk, dogs are often legally required to be on a leash.

Most people see dogs on leashes so often that seeing one without a leash almost seems unnatural. Training is needed to make sure your dog feels comfortable on a leash and knows what your expectations are. We’ll explain more below about why you should leash-train your dog.

Why Leash Training Is Essential

There are several reasons that dogs should be controlled while on leashes. The most important is safety. Dogs are more likely to hurt themselves, humans, or other animals if they are not on a leash. 

In addition, pulling on the leash makes it harder to hold onto them so you could drop the leash. It could even be harmful to the dog’s body as they are using force on part of the body that they otherwise would not be. It can also be damaging to humans, especially in areas like rotator cuffs.

Studies show that seniors are the most likely to experience injuries when walking their dogs. Dogs who are not trained to use leashes also tend to be more frustrated, which can cause them to react in unexpected ways.

Leash Training Benefits

When you go out with a dog on a leash, it is going to be appreciated more than an untrained pet. This means you can take them into public areas like dog-friendly stores without any worries. 

Leash training also provides a great form of exercise for the dog and its owner. It makes the act of walking pleasant, which makes it positive for you and the dog. Teaching your dog to walk on a leash can enhance the quality of both of your lives. 

Knowing what you want to achieve with leash training is important. This includes what side the dog walks on, how far away you want to be from your pet and more. 

Are you looking for some assistance with leash training for your dog? Dog Training Now Charleston provides leash training, as well as other services to ensure your dog is trained and has great manners. Reach out to us today to learn more or schedule your training sessions.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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