In our years of being professional dog trainers, we have heard our fair share of concerns or questions from dog owners. Even for dog owners who are experienced, each dog has its own personality or quirks that can keep the humans in the house on their toes. Fortunately, our professional training and experiences, along with our personal relationships with pups during our lives, we are often able to handle some of the most frequently asked questions or concerns.

My puppy bites everything.

Oh puppies, the cute and cuddly often outweighs the serious sharpness of their tiny teeth. Most puppies have a biting problem; putting things in their mouths is how they make sense of the big world around them. However, it only takes a few nips from your new puppy to get frustrated or upset.

Puppies are quick learners if you choose to be consistent. Don’t allow biting ever, as this habit can quickly turn dangerous as the puppy grows. Instead, close the pup’s mouth with a gentle grasp from your hand and say “no biting”. Do this every time your puppy tries to nip and you will notice quick results.

My dog barks all the time.

Dogs are meant to bark, but incessant barking can get old quite quickly. Curb your dogs barking behavior by finding a way to distract him from whatever he typically barks at. For example, give your dog a puzzle treat toy to work with while the postal carrier (your dog’s arch nemesis) makes the rounds around your neighborhood. Many times, excessively barking dogs are just bored dogs.

Walks with my dog are not fun.

Dogs without leash manners can be bears to walk around your neighborhood. If your dog lunges at other passing dogs or pulls you faster than you would like to go, heading out for a daily walk can seem like an insurmountable task. Consistency is key as you teach your dog what is allowed and not allowed on your daily walks. Using a special leash to help you communicate your expectations will help you get your point across clearly.

My dog can’t be trained.

We love hearing this one, because we believe all dogs can be trained in obedience! Dogs require clear expectations and plenty of time to practice their new skills, and our training programs do just that. The ideal mix of learning and play, our program is geared to helping any dog of any breed or any age learn obedience in a positive environment.

We would love to help you with your dog frustrations or questions. Give us a call to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to meet you and your dog.

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