Bringing a new dog home is always exciting, but it needs some planning. Whether you have a young puppy that will be joining you or an older dog, you want to make sure they are comfortable in the home. This means you need to introduce them to the house the right way, and the house needs to be ready for them.

You Need a Plan

Having a new dog in the house is fun, but it can be stressful. The stress is not just on you, either. Your new dog will feel stressed in this new environment and around these new people. Having a plan in place and preparing will help make things easier.

First, you need to be sure you have everything you need. This includes supplies like food, bowls, puppy pads, a dog bed, crate, etc. Check to make sure you have plenty of everything you need.

Next, you need to talk with other members of the family about the rules of having a new dog. Who is responsible for feeding, walking, grooming, etc.? All of the roles need to be accounted for. You also have to make sure that the rules for the dog are followed by everyone. Are they allowed on the couch? On beds? Are certain areas off-limits? Everyone needs to be on the same page, so you can all be consistent with your dog.

Make sure your home is dog-proofed, especially if you are bringing in a puppy. If you have the option, it is nice for you or another member of the family to take a couple of days off, so you can start training the dog and to ensure they are settled properly.

Let the Dog Explore and Sniff

When you bring your dog home for the first time and they come into the house, let them go to areas where they are allowed, so they can sniff the place and start to get a sense of their new home. Show them their bed area, toys, etc., and let them make themselves at home. They might be nervous at first, especially with older dogs. Give them their time and a little space, so they can settle.

Keep the First Few Days Calm

The first few days of bringing the dog home should be calm. This means not having all of your friends over to play with the dog right away. Only those who live in the house should be there. This gives your dog time to acclimate.

Work with a Trainer

Want more suggestions for your new dog? Then reach out to us here at Dog Training Now Charleston and we can teach you other methods to ensure you always have your dog’s training is what you need.

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