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Having a Well-Trained Dog Makes Training a Next Puppy Easier

Are you thinking about adding a new addition to your family? Your current dogs will greatly help in training any future puppies. Puppies, like all baby animals, adapt to their environments using a series of experiments and experiences. If you train your current dog to be obedient and well-mannered, they will serve as an example for your puppy. This is because puppies are observant (silly, but observant), and if they see the correct behavior being displayed for them, they will more readily pick it up.

Just by interacting with your adult dog in front of the puppy, they can begin to get a sense of expectation and how to behave. Further, this is crucial for their growth and long-term life inside of your home. This also means that any bad behaviors that your adult dog displays, will also be mirrored in the new puppy too. Dogs do not have a sense of fairness or privilege; they will copy whatever they see happen. Additionally, this means that if your older dog is able to be on the couch—the puppy will think they are too.

Train Your Dog Before the New Puppy Arrives

Put in the time and energy to train your current dogs before you buy another. Further, it’ll help build a stronger bond between the members of your current family. Depending on the time you want to dedicate to obedience training, we have programs just for you. Our programs are tailored to your needs and your end goals for your companion.

The Two Most Used Programs

There are two main programs which we use. The first is for those people who want to be highly involved in the training process. This is our Day Training, which runs for two weeks every weekday and allows for you to drop-off your dog in the morning and pick them up at night.

Or if you do not want to drop-off/pick-up every day, you also have an option to board them with us. During this boarding we can spend every day with them. This trains them the right way in a consistent environment. This is a common option for people who leave on vacation and cannot bring them.

Get Your Dog Trained Now!

Visit us for all of your training needs. From elder dogs to brand new puppies, we are here to help you through all of the ups and downs of their training. Call us at Dog Training Now Charleston to get a consultation today.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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