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Why Your Dog May Be Reverting to Old Habits

Have you noticed a change in your best friend recently? Maybe they’ve stopped shaking when asked; or they’ve once again started to ignore you while in the backyard. Training a dog doesn’t mean that they forever know tricks and commands. Instead, training needs to be about skills and consistently revisited. Depending on the type of dog you have and how old they are, they may have a harder time remembering their training. You can help them, and yourself, by keeping up with training on new skills and behaviors.

Types of Training that May Need to be Revisited

There are three types of training that you should consider for your dog; potty training; day training; and boarding training. If your dog is having problems with their potty training, it could stem from a few different sources. Situations like your dog suddenly going to the bathroom while inside, can come from a medical issue or old age. If your dog is particularly old, the retraining process may be harder for them. There are situations where they cannot understand direction anymore, and your best bet may be to wrap them in a diaper.

Day training is a two-week training program that we offer for your pooch. It is a drop-off/pick-up program which runs every weekday. This is a unique way to train them as they spend the day in a system run similar to an elementary school. During this training, your dog gets all of the skills and attention possible for them to succeed. But sometimes we get busy in our normal lives and the skills they learn here and become blurry and hard to do at home. It’s difficult to keep on top of their training, but you can always return them for another day training program to help them brush up on their skills.

Then there is boarding training. This type of training is a go-to for families going on vacation and wanting a trained dog when they return. It is also a good option for those people who do not want to do the drop-off/pick-up routine. In it, your dog learns the basic commands we all know, as well as some behavior help, like leash etiquette. However, just like in day training, your dog can forget the skills that he learns here. This happens naturally over time.

Get Dog Training Today!

As Charleston’s best dog training option, we would love to invite you and your dog back to our facility to brush up on those skills that they may have forgotten. It’s a hard life, being a dog, so give them the opportunity to make it a little easier on everyone. Contact Dog Training Now Charleston today to see what we can do for you and your pet.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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