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Tips for Training A Rescue Dog–New Signs and Signals

If you have adopted a rescue dog to keep you company during the pandemic, you’re not alone. In fact, two million dogs are rescued and adopted by families each year. While rescue dogs can provide you and your family with a lot of love and security, they will still need to be trained. Here are some tips for teaching rescue dogs new signals to train them.

Let Them Get Used to Your Home First

Before you begin training your rescue dog, you need to let them get used to your home. Give them a few days to get used to you and your home. Give them lots of love and affection. You can begin training slowly, with the essential of needing to go to the bathroom, and where to find food and water. Reward your dog when he or she does the right thing.

It’s All In The Signs

Dogs are like humans. They release signals all the time to communicate with you. For example, if your new rescue dog is frantically wagging its tail, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s happy. He or she could just be agitated. Look for other signs that the dog is happy, such as a tail that is wagging more to the right, or in circles. This indicates happiness. Dogs may also pant when they are agitated. Look for these signs in your new rescue dog.

Using Signals for Training

There are a variety of signals you can use to train your dog. Signals are a great way to train your dog and can be paired with commands. Signals are also used to communicate with dogs who don’t hear well, older dogs, and in crowds or other areas where there is a lot of noise. Here are some signals you may want to try with your dog.

“Watch me” is a great first training signal. You can say the words “Watch me,” and with two fingers, the point at your eyes. This signals to the dog that it needs to pay attention to you. Another great first training move is “sit”. Some people use their hands flat in an upward motion for sit. You may also want to try sitting in a downward motion with your hand. Whichever gesture you use, it needs to stay consistent.

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