Congratulations on getting your new puppy! Whether you purchased a puppy or adopted one, you can look forward to years of love and affection. Like many new dog owners, you may have a lot of questions about how to train your dog properly. One of your questions may be whether to crate train your dog or not. Here is some information on crate training and whether it might be good for your dog.

Why Crate Training

Many people really believe in crate training. First, it gives the dog its own space to curl up in. Some puppies and even older dogs need their own personal space to retreat to when they become anxious. Many dogs really enjoy having their own enclosed personal space with a blanket and a chew toy.

Also, crate training gives your dog a place to go for a period of time when you aren’t home. Your dog may feel safer in the crate when you’re gone. Also, it keeps your home neat and clean, without dog poop, and urine. Your dog also won’t be able to tear up furniture, windows, and doors, or floorboards. Because your dog will not understand not to tear things up, crate training will keep you both happier and more relaxed.

About Crate Training

There are several steps to crate training you need to understand. First, you need to pick the perfect crate for your dog. If your dog likes enclosed spaces, get a crate with walls. Wire crates work best for other dogs. Do you have a dog that is a puppy? You’ll want to buy a crate sized for an adult dog of the breed. You can divide the crate into sections, and continue enlarging the section as the puppy grows.

Begin putting the dog in the crate in small doses, when the dog is relaxed. Do not shut the door at the beginning of training, and only leave the dog in the crate for about 10 minutes. You can gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends in the crate. Don’t forget to reward your dog when you put him or her in the crate!

If you have questions about training your dog to a crate, we have answers. Contact Dog Training Now Charleston today.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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