If you think that it is time to retain your best friend, it probably is. Dog training works the same way that foreign-language works for us; if you do not use it, you lose it. Further, dogs tend to push back on their owners, especially when a trick or a particular training does not align with their innate nature or temperament. This is why many huskies require retraining not to bark or to be silent at a command. Some police and military dogs will need retaining and follow-ups for particular skills that the individual dog has a problem performing. Here are some of the easiest signs that your dog may need to retrain. Most retraining happens at home; more complex issues need professional help.

If They No Longer Come When Called

One of the most frustrating things is when our dogs do not come when called. Most importantly, it puts them in danger and angers you. One of the first things dogs are taught is to come to a command or their name. This means that it could be one of the first things that they stop doing too. This is especially true for strong-willed dogs like German shepherd dogs since they like to have power struggles with their owners.

If They No Longer Potty Outside

If your dog is suddenly going to the bathroom inside, there could be several reasons why. Having an older dog that does this most likely is because outside is too hot, too cold, too far, or a mental breakdown. Similarly, if he is middle-aged, it is most likely from a lack of consistency in training or outside times. Whatever the case, it is not healthy for anyone to have a dog going potty inside, so training should be revisited if the dog may respond.

If They Return to Aggressive Behaviors

Aggression training is a training that needs to be revisited often with certain dogs. Herding and working dogs especially, since they love training and have strong willpower. Does your golden retriever need aggression training? Probably not. But that does not mean that they cannot benefit from similar training as well. For example, guard barking at the front door may be acceptable for some families; in most other houses, it is unacceptable.

If you need help retraining your dog, Dog Training Now Charleston is a fantastic option. A woman runs them with decades of experience in obedience training. And the trainers are firm on their commitment to helping you and your dog.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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