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Can Your Dog Stay Relaxed When Someone Knocks at the Door?

It’s common for dogs – especially untrained dogs – to launch into a frenzy of activity when someone knocks at the front door or rings the doorbell. Whether the reason is fear, happiness, or a need to protect themselves and their pack, excitable dogs are likely to bark, to run, and to leap upon both visitors and owners alike. Training dogs and allowing them to get used to humans are the keys to toning down these excitable behaviors.

Use The “Place” Command

Dogs cannot multitask like humans can. Dogs that are prone to bursts of activity such as barking and running in response to a knock at the door can be distracted by an alternative stimulus or activity. The “place” command will both divert the dog’s attention by commanding it to return to its dog house or dog bed and urge the dog to rest upon reaching its destination.

Acclimate Dogs to Human Visitors

The best time to teach dogs to remain calm after a knock at the door is to encourage socialization during their puppy phase. Multiple visitors with calm demeanors can help the puppy become comfortable with humans, which will lessen the dog’s fear and excitement when someone rings the doorbell or knocks at the door.

Adjust “Watchdog Barking”

Many dogs will bark or spring into action in response to a doorbell or a knock because they are defending their home and their owners. With proper training and patience, watchdog barking can be toned down for family and friends while remaining useful for strangers or intruders. Dogs can be trained to recognize “Who’s there?” and either “Enough” or “Okay” as cues to start and stop watchdog barking. Training a dog to stop after saying “Enough” or “Okay” will differentiate friendly visitors from aggressors, allowing trainers to control watchdog barking instead of completely suppressing it.

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