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Which 5 Commands Should Every Dog Know Without Fail?

The right combination of dog breed and training can result in a dog that knows several commands. Dog training has benefits ranging from entertaining guests to preventing injury and death. There are five commands that every dog should know for the safety of the dog, the owners, and the household: “Sit,” “Stay,” “Place,” “Down,” and “Come.”


The “sit” command halts undesirable behaviors such as chasing other animals, jumping on people, and barking fits. The “sit” command also acts as a foundation for more complex commands.


The “stay” command is often part of other commands that insist that the dog stop or tone down its movement and behavior. However, “stay” can be useful for situations where more restrictive or sedative commands may be too heavy-handed – such as time spent at dog parks or other play times for dogs.


The “place” command teaches a dog to utilize their designated dog beg or dog house as opposed to owners’ beds, couches, and other furniture. Unlike other commands, the “place” command, when successfully taught, works with or without the verbal command; a trained dog seeking a place to rest will head to its designated resting area without requiring the verbal “place” command.


The “down” command is used to calm and relax dogs. When properly used, the “down” command can relax dogs who are nervous due to stimuli such as car rides and new people. The “down” command is also useful to prepare the household for a quiet evening and bedtime.


The “come” command is a vital command that orders the dog to return to the owner. This can help locate dogs who are out of owners’ field of vision as well as suspend dangerous behaviors when the dog is off-leash or far away from the owner.

Dog Training Now Charleston offers a variety of dog training services to dog owners in the Charleston area. We pride ourselves on our high success rate with potty-training puppies and young adult dogs. We offer one-on-one training regimens for owners seeking to establish obedience and ground rules. And we offer board-and-train programs for pet owners with hectic schedules and pet owners who will be out of town for a short period. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form or by calling us at (843) 830-4466.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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