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Things to Remember Before Bringing Home a Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is a great way for individuals and families to select a new pet. Acquiring a rescue dog lessens the financial and emotional burdens of shelters, reduces the number of dogs euthanized, and diverts funds away from “puppy mills.” However, pet adopters will need to prepare in order to successfully integrate the rescue dog into their households.

Be Prepared to Put In Extra Effort

With regards to acquiring any dog, a good rule of thumb to follow is to assume that the dog has no training. This can be especially problematic if the dog is an adult or has trauma from its experience with previous owners. Planning ahead and making increased efforts to acclimate the dog into the household and establish rules will be crucial to ensure that the rescue dog does not cause severe damage to the household or disruptions to residents and guests.

Establish Obedience Rules

Common behavioral problems with dogs include overexcitement when meeting new people, intense reactions to fear, and barking fits. Any of these problems can be more severe for a rescue dog whose experiences prior to the current adoption may leave deep-rooted trauma. Applying obedience and restoring confidence are the keys to bring the dog’s behavior under control. A well-ingrained “Place” command can control barking fits. Acclimating the dog to humans can tone down excitement and fear when the dog encounters a new person. The key is to balance firm commands with gentleness, especially since heavy-handed discipline may trigger negative responses from rescue dogs with troubled pasts.

Dog Training Now Charleston offers a variety of dog training services to dog owners in the Charleston area. We pride ourselves on our high success rate with potty-training puppies and young adult dogs. We offer one-on-one training regimens for owners seeking to establish obedience and ground rules. And we offer board-and-train programs for pet owners with hectic schedules and pet owners who will be out of town for a short period. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form or by calling us at (843) 830-4466.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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