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Tips for Bringing Your Puppy to the Dog Park for the First Time

Your new puppy has a lot of energy, but you may not have the space necessary for them to really fun around and play. Fortunately, many communities have installed dog parks or have made parks very dog-friendly. You can take your new puppy to one of these parks and let them play to their heart’s content. However, before you take your puppy to a dog parkfor the first time, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

Check Out the Dog Park First

Before you take your puppy to the dog park, you should plan a solo visit to get an idea of the space. There are some things you should look for. First, is the dog park fenced? You want to know that your dog won’t be able to run into traffic or get into other people’s yards or other areas outside of the park. Second, take a look at what other dogs are there and how they’re acting. If possible, visit the dog park at several different times to get an idea of when it’s really busy and when it’s mostly empty. Also look for signs that the park is maintained, such as trash being regularly picked up and the grass being mowed.

Go at a Slow Time

One of the reasons you want to see when the park is really busy is so you can take your puppy to the park during an off-peak time. This way, you can introduce your dog to the space without getting them too overwhelmed. If there’s enough room, try to take your puppy to an area of the park where there are no other dogs before you let them go. They need to know that they’re safe and secure so they can explore the dog park without getting too anxious. Once they have a feel for the space, they can start socializing with other dogs.

Make Sure Your Dog Understands Basic Commands

If your dog won’t come back to you on command or wait when you tell them to, the dog park may not be the best idea just yet. Instead, you may need to take them to dog training. The team at Dog Training Now Charleston can help you teach your puppy all of the basic commands and more. Contact us today to learn more about our classes.

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