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Easy Ways to Introduce Your Puppy to Socialization

One of the biggest failings of most pet parents these days seems to be making sure that their dog behaves properly around people. More and more it seems like dogs are jumping up and acting way out of control when encountering people on the street or visitors at their homes. This is nothing more than a lack of proper training. If you act early on when they are younger, it is much easier to teach them the correct social skills.

Get Them Started Early

How early is too early? Well, there really is no such thing. You can start working on the basic principles of good socialization practices as soon as you bring them home. Discouraging them from biting and jumping up, as well as praising and rewarding them when they display patience and calmness are two ways to begin teaching them about socializing from the very beginning. After all, the main reasons behind poor social behavior in the first place are nerves and excitement.

Have Guests Visit Your Home

Your dog can’t learn to behave around the company if you never have any. Make sure that you invite plenty of your family and friends over to visit when your puppy is young. This is especially important if you plan to have any of them over regularly as the dog gets older. It is always better to introduce them to the people you are closest to early and often.

Get Them Accustomed To Animal and Human Company

It’s not only inside your home that you want your dog to have good social skills, it’s also important outside. Your dog should be well behaved on walks through the neighborhood, trips to the dog park and vet, as well as anywhere else you take them.

Socializing is just one of the many areas where your new puppy will need to be trained and instructed. For people who don’t have the time or the skills necessary to properly teach their pets, Dog Training Now Charleston is here. From potty training to obedience, we offer everything your canine companion will need to be well behaved. Call us or go online for more information.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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