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Why Do Dogs Jump Up Anytime They Meet Someone New?

There are many aspects that are involved in properly training your dog. From potty training to teaching your new puppy not to bite, the process should start from a young age. The key, as it is with nearly anything else, is consistency. However, there is one behavior that many pet owners never get under control with their dog; jumping up on others.

While it is not uncommon for some dogs to jump up on both strangers and people they are familiar with, for the purpose of today’s article we will be focusing more on the former. Here are 3 common reasons for this type of behavior:

Too Much Energy

Even though this may be true of any dog, it is especially true of puppies. This is usually the time in which jumping up on people first begins to become an issue. Lack of proper exercise and frequent walking is often a driving factor.

To Assert Dominance

This is another common reason that your canine companion may be jumping on strangers. Unlike with puppies in which this is virtually never the case, it is adult dogs that exhibit this behavior. By standing on their back legs and reducing the height difference, dogs often deal with their uncertainty about new people by attempting to show equality and even superiority.

Lack of Proper Training

Perhaps the simplest explanation for why dogs jump on strangers is because they have not been properly trained. A basic, consistent routine of training which is also practiced at home can make a world of difference in your dog’s behavior. In combination with the other things that go along with their welfare, such as exercise, proper diet, and regular vet trips, your favorite furry friend can be a delight for others to meet.

Jumping up on strangers (as well as people they know) is a common problem with dogs. With a little bit of consistent training, this problem can be easily corrected. Simply get in touch with one of our canine obedience experts here at Dog Training Now to learn more. We are always available to help our friends and neighbors with all of their puppy and dog behavior needs!

Dog Training Now Charleston

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