Potty Training

Tackling Potty Training, Leash Training, and 3 Basic Commands as a Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always fun and exciting. However, it is also a lot of hard work and patience as well. There is a lot of care and training that must begin at an early age. Things like learning to potty outside, how to walk on a leash, as well as the all-important three basic commands all, need to be taught while they are young and easier to reach. Any dog parent knows as they age they just get more stubborn.

Establishing a Routine Early

One of the most important aspects of any training curriculum is to get started on it as soon as possible. Puppies as young as 8 weeks should be able to begin potty training in most cases, as well as go on walks. In addition to that, puppies as young as 6 weeks can begin to understand commands like “come” and “sit”.

Using Praise and Dealing With Obstacles

If there is only one thing that you take from this blog, let it be the importance of praising your dog. There is no greater form of affection that you could give them. Praising your dog following any kind of accomplishment lets them know how pleased you are with them. This alone is a great motivating factor in getting them to repeat this behavior in the future.

What the 3 Basic Commands Are and Why You Need Them

Sit, stay, and place are the first three commands that every dog should learn. They are helpful in nearly any type of situation involving people or other dogs. Teaching your puppy these commands will give you the confidence to take them into any situation, knowing they will be obedient when you need them to be.

Getting started with your puppy’s behavioral training as soon as possible is important. Although there are a lot of informative and helpful articles online, it never hurts to work with a professional. The team at Dog Training Now Charleston has years of experience instilling these and many other important lessons to their canine students. You can give us a call or visit our website to learn more.

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