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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe While Introducing Them to New Dogs

Having trainers and other animal-care professionals nearby when dogs interact for the first time can calm the dogs and prevent fights and injuries. One potential solution is a puppy preschool, which can provide puppies and young dogs with vital socialization skills in a secure, friendly environment.

Be Mindful of the Dogs’ Body Language

Dog owners should observe both dogs for signs of behaviors that indicate hostility or impending conflict. When dogs stiffen their bodies, stare into each other’s eyes, and growl, the dog owners should separate the dogs immediately and cease further attempts to pair the dogs. Dog owners should discourage nose-to-nose greetings for their dogs; staring into each other’s eyes is a common aggressive, challenging behavior for dogs. Dogs that engage in rowdy play should also be separated to prevent the playful behavior from escalating towards fighting. Less aggressive behaviors, such as growling and air-snapping, are often ways that dogs establish their boundaries or indicate that they do not want to play. Dogs that play-bow or paw each other are likely to be on friendly terms.

Separate Food and Toys

Food and toys are common sources of conflict for dogs, especially when they are not familiar with each other. Dog owners that bring new dogs into their household should physically distance each dog’s food bowls, water bowls, and toys. Training and commands can further enforce respect for other dogs’ belongings. Only when the dogs are fully comfortable with each other should separate food bowls and individual toys be placed close to each other.

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