You’ve probably seen it hundreds of times: a dog at the end of a leash, dragging his or her unfortunate human companion down the street despite the pain and stress they’re both experiencing. This behavior is not only irritating, painful, and unhealthy for the dog but also disturbing for other dogs and humans in the vicinity. The hazards of dogs pulling on their leashes are both physical and psychological, and the results of the injuries they suffer can either be short-term, long-lasting, or permanent. Studies show that leash and collar pulling can cause damage to a dog’s eyes, windpipe, thyroid glands, voice box, and other body parts, and can also be extremely damaging to their emotional well-being.

The Benefits of Leash Training

Leash training is the process of getting your dog to become familiar with wearing a leash while showing proper behavior toward you and other dogs, meaning no leash pulling, running around, barking constantly or tugging on your clothes while on a walk. Leash-trained dogs typically walk on their human companion’s left side without moving ahead or lagging behind. Although dogs are naturally curious about their environment, they should know how to behave outdoors while exploring and sniffing around the neighborhood.

Training your dog proper behavior while on a leash has the following benefits: (1) it ensures compliance with local leash laws; (2) it produces fun and stress-free walks; (3) it fosters positive dog/human relationships; (4) it facilitates good dog behavior, discipline, obedience, and cooperation in all kinds of situations; (4) it helps to avoid accidents and undesirable responses; (5) it prevents physical problems and injuries; (6) it creates a sense of pride and fulfillment in both dogs and humans.

It is your responsibility as your dogs’ friend and lifelong companion to teach them proper manners and behavior while on a leash. Training your dogs to live with you peacefully and harmoniously will give them a happy, stress-free life. They deserve this kind of carefree existence, as they bring great joy and energy to you and your family for many years.

To have your dog experience the finest in compassionate leash training and other types of guidance, come see us at Dog Training Now Charleston, and let us help you get your dog on the right track.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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