How to Safely Socialize Your Puppy

Your new puppy is curious about the world around them. Their curiosity is what compels them to sniff around, chew on things, and wander through the house or yard. It’s a great quality for puppies to have, as curiosity helps them explore to figure out what is safe and what they should be frightened of.

Socialization is a big part of ensuring your puppy has good experiences with people, other animals, and common experiences. Without proper safe socialization, your curious puppy could end up growing into a scared or even aggressive dog. Here’s how to make safe socialization happen during the first year of life for your puppy.

Encourage Lots of Visitors

If your home is a busy place, it’s important to get your puppy comfortable with the doorbell ringing and new faces stopping in the home. Encourage friendly visitors when you have your new puppy, asking them to ring the doorbell a few times before coming in. It’s also helpful to have visitors pet and interact positively with your new puppy as well.

Do Normal Things

Are you a boater? Bring your puppy along. Does your family take road trips often? Bring the puppy along. Do you love eating outdoors at restaurants? Bring the puppy. The more your puppy is exposed to your family’s “regular” routine, the more comfortable they get with the situation.

Incorporate New Things

During your walk, try strolling by new things your puppy may not have experience with. Walk by a busy construction site or near a playground while kids are outside playing. Your puppy will become comfortable and be less likely to bark, lunge, or have other behaviors in these situations as they grow.

Enroll in a Puppy Preschool

Honestly, there is nothing quite as helpful (for you and your pup) as Puppy Preschool here at Dog Training Now Charleston. We spend weekly sessions focused on socialization with humans and other puppies, as well as building confidence. It’s common for us to bring in a vacuum cleaner to introduce to the puppies as well as use treats to coax shy puppies into our friendly crowd.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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