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Teaching Your Dog to Lie Down During Chaos May Keep Him Safe

Training a dog not only makes your interactions easier but is also crucial in the dog’s survival. It strengthens your relationship with your dog and builds confidence. The good news is that you can teach your dog as many tricks as you wish, despite their age.

Why Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

There are many benefits to teaching your dog to stay calm. If you ever need it, you will feel quite grateful he or she has this skill down.

It Keeps Him or Her Calm

Staying calm at times of danger is critical for both animals and humans. Dogs tend to rush into dangerous scenes, especially when they feel the need to defend what they treasure. Unfortunately, the situation is not always safe for your dog and they may land in danger, such as a fire.

It is also easier to protect your dog when it is in a calm mood. Since the dog is more attentive of the situation, it is in a better position to follow instructions.

Having your dog lie down is a way of letting it know it’s safe. Panicking results in irrational decisions and behavior that might be uncalled for. As you calm down your dog, you also stay calm. It is, therefore, easier to make critical decisions to save both of your lives in a calm mood.

You Attain Control of Him or Her

Training a dog helps in attaining control of its behavior. Teaching your dog to lie down is one of the basic cues. It helps the owner to contain him in that position during different occasions. The ability to control your dog ensures its safety. It prevents the dog from lashing out at people, cars, other animals or other dogs. Some of these could be unsafe and may result in injuries and attacks.

You get to spend more quality time with your dog when he or she learns to lie down. Plus, you can feel more confident taking him or her out in the public because you know your dog is safe.

Dog Training Now Charleston will help you train your dog. Your communication also advances as you get to practice your common language. To find out more, please call us and set up a time to work with us!

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