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Raising a Confident Puppy

Getting a puppy is a huge commitment and not one you should take lightly. You put in time and effort to research the perfect breed and make sure you are getting the best furry friend for your family. After all the time and effort it takes to find the perfect puppy, it is equally as important to raise them to be well-behaved and confident.

Prepare Your Home for Puppy

Bringing your puppy home can be exciting for you but quite overwhelming for them. Having a safe quiet place for your new friend to relax in is incredibly important. Make sure you have a comfortable crate ready for your puppy, so they have their personal space. 

Begin to introduce them to new sounds and noises, such as the vacuum cleaner. This way they can learn that these sounds are ok and not be afraid of them. Have toys and treats available so you can begin positive reinforcement as they encounter new (and sometimes scary) household items and routines.

Timing is Everything

It is incredibly important to make sure you begin to train immediately after you bring your puppy home. Experts have stated that socializing your puppy as early as 8 weeks can help to improve their ability to be social in all settings. Introducing them to new sites, smells, people and other animals can help them be more comfortable and obedient in all situations. Be sure to socialize your puppy with dogs of all sizes and breeds so they don’t become scared of dogs they are not familiar with. This will make outings with your puppy much more enjoyable.

Socialization with other dogs as well as new humans is imperative as you raise a confident and friendly puppy. The best way to get enough socialization is to enroll in Puppy Preschool, where your puppy can meet new animals and humans in a safe environment. Getting proper training will take time, energy, and patience on your part. 

A disobedient puppy can add stress to your daily life, and they can sense when you are out of sorts. Avoiding this situation right away makes life so much easier for all involved. If you feel like you don’t have the proper tools necessary to properly train and socialize your puppy, it’s a good idea to reach out to Dog Training Now Charleston

In addition to our Puppy Preschool, our professional trainers are available to give you follow up advice for any specific behavior you are noticing. We also offer a variety of obedience training options, which are perfect after your pup graduates from Preschool. 

Call us now to enroll or to tell us more about your pup.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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