Training Programs

The team at Dog Training Now Charleston is led by Mary Leonardis, our Owner, and Lead Trainer. She attended the National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Thanks to her certification in basic obedience, advanced off-leash, socialization, puppy development, behavior modification, utility, breed identification, and potty training, we are able to offer a full range of training programs for our clients. Not sure which training program would work best for your dog and your family? Give us a call for a free consultation.

Potty Training

Puppies and older dogs can have challenges with the potty training process. In order to reduce accidents and establish good habits, owners must provide constant vigilance and immediate praise. For most busy dog owners, potty training is exhausting and difficult.

 We can help.

Our potty training program is intensive, but with successful results. We offer consistency and praise that translates into good habits your dog can be proud of.

Private Lessons

Some owners and their dogs prefer a more personal approach, and our Private Lessons offer one-on-one attention and guidance. Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers are happy to provide private lessons at our studio, situated in the National Crossing shopping mall across from Park West in Mount Pleasant. These are especially helpful for dogs who are working on breaking specific habits or behaviors, like barking, chewing, or counter surfing, or for owners who are looking for individualized attention.

We schedule private lessons 2-3 times per week for our clients so that you and your dog get the consistency needed to be successful. Don’t worry – we are happy to try to work around your schedule to get the sessions throughout the week.

Board and Train Program

Designed for owners who want the most consistent results but can’t find the time for pick-ups and drop-offs during Day Training Academy, our Board and Train option gives us the chance to bond with your dog and give him a full training experience. You will drop off your dog to us and pick him up after the training is completed, this is based on your dog and can vary based on your dog’s needs.

Your dog will learn:

  • Basic Leash Manners
  • Commands like Sit, Stay, Place, Down and Come

This is a great option for owners who are headed off to vacation, as you can return home to a happy and obedient dog. And don’t worry about missing your pooch while he is with us. Our Trainers will give your regular text updates and photos, as well as giving you updates over the phone on their progress.

Call us to tell us more about your dog and your goals. We can direct you to the Dog Training Now program that will work best for you!

Are you ready to give your dog the chance to learn obedience skills that will make them safe, happy, and healthy?
Let us partner with you and your family to make it happen. You’ll love the results!

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