Client Reviews/Testimonails

Tracey Calise
01:37 06 Jan 24
Mary has been nothing but perfect for our family. She is always fast to answer questions and was able to get our girl walking like a pro. Feeling comfortable when you leave your baby with someone is the best feeling and Mary is the best!
17:23 04 Jan 24
Mary is an absolute gem. She is professional, talented, and patient. Mary did an amazing job working with our pup, training him into the confident, well behaved dog people enjoy being around. It is unbelievable the manners she taught in 2 weeks. We highly recommend her.
Amanda Ranahan
19:23 21 Dec 23
We have sent our dog to Mary and Dog Training Now twice, one for basic obedience and then for advanced off-leash training. Both experiences have wonderful! He has learned the exact skills we wanted him to have, but more importantly he has had a fun, positive experience while away! We really liked how Mary takes only small groups of dogs at a time, and it is clear that he receives plenty of personal attention. Both times he has come back well-trained and still his loving, goofy self which was so important to us. We would absolutely recommend Mary to anyone!
Dana Bollato
10:38 04 Dec 23
We highly recommend Mary for all your dog training needs. Mary is wonderful. We took our 2 golden retriever pups to Mary for the 10 day training program. They learned so much. We are so pleased with what they accomplished. Mary is honest, thoughtful and more importantly loves your dog as if it were her own. Her training techniques work very well. We are so appreciative of her work. Mary is the absolute best!
Garrett Watson
20:48 01 Oct 23
Mary is a true dog whisper!! Sending my pup to her for 10 days of board and train was a great decision. I’m going to send her back yearly. She came back so well behaved and had learned so much.If you’re considering a dog trainer look no further!!
20:48 21 Sep 23
There's nothing like owning a well-trained dog!!!Mary and her team are AWESOME! Mary was able to unlock my 2yr-old GSP's potential. I chose the 10-day program and couldn't be happier. Daisy came back to me a better dog and she was already the best. The program included a training collar and a one-hour training session for me & the family (so thankful for that)! I've been practicing "our" new skills and loving it. I can finally enjoy peaceful WALKS with my dog. I'm on cloud 9. My dog is more balanced and respectful of other's space and my commands. My girl came home smelling fabulous and very happy. Can't wait to attend the follow-up appointment to make sure we are all on track. I can contact Mary anytime with questions/concerns. It's obvious she loves her work and is a knowledgeable and professional trainer. I 100% recommend this business. Thank you so much Mary!!!
Mary Gallivan
22:34 09 Apr 23
We are so grateful to have found Mary. This was Quinn’s second time at bootcamp. He is a three-year old black lab mix. The first time at bootcamp, he learned basic commands. He went back three months later for off-leash training. Now he can be off-leash at the beach with the other dogs. Mary is a phenomenal trainer. Quinn learned so much in 10 days each time. And Mary takes extra time to train the owners too (including providing videos you can refer back to). She has fantastic customer service and runs a phenomenal program. Her daily Instagram posts help you stay connected to your pup while he/she is away. We would highly recommend Mary!
larry sarner
15:38 13 Jan 23
We took our 7 month old poodle for two weeks of training to help us with her leash manners. We got back so much more! NIght and day difference in Monet walking and general obedience. Mary is an absolute master of training dogs, and us, and an amazing person. Cannot recommend her enough!
Jackie J
15:27 18 Sep 22
Mary is truly such a caring and thoughtful trainer. You can tell she has an absolute love for the dogs she trains and gives each of them special care and attention.We did the 10 day board and train program with our 6 mo puppy and she did an incredible job with her. Her focus on praise as positive reinforcement was perfect for our dog, who is a pleaser and loves a job.It’s important to note that this is not a “get the dog trained and never talk to Mary again” kind of situation. This is now a long-term relationship, as we will be checking in with her periodically to make sure WE stay on the right path and continue enforcing the good behavior that Mary has taught our dog. She is always available for questions, hosts alumni events, and is continuously supportive of our dog’s training journey.We thank her for her continued guidance and strongly urge others to seek her expertise!
Dan Kump
15:51 18 Jul 22
I chose Dog Training Now based on the outstanding reviews and to be honest, was a little skeptical of the very high rating. Reviewers wrote that after only a week, their dogs were transformed into obedient companions. Really? Yes REALLYDog Training Now is not a training factory with dozens of trainers. It is a locally owned boutique sized facility run by Mary, a seasoned dog whisperer who trains every dog herself. We booked the 10 day boarding package and while we waited for our Bernedoodle puppy to reach the proper age for training, I was able to email Mary and ask for advice with everything from dog equipment to behavioral issues. I tease Mary about practicing some type of dog witchcraft because she was solving our pup problems via email. Whatever she said to do worked! Amazing.Our dog Esmé LOVED her training camp and LOVED Mary. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Dog Training Now. This is the real deal!
Crystal T.
22:58 10 Jun 22
I can’t say enough good things about Mary!! After meeting/talking with a few different trainers I was stressed out. I had no idea there were so many different types of training and collars. We ended up doing the 10 day training! Marcy is a little diva and Apollo is just a scaredy-boy! It was so comforting to see her relationship with them both! Apollo finally came in with his tail wagging vs tucked! He was my main concern with pulling on walks and within just a few days we were noticing a difference! To see them both knowing commands and behaving has been a crazy good feeling! She answered all of my 5000 questions and was very responsive at any point both before during and after. I would highly recommend checking her out id you’re looking for a dog trainer! She commits 100% both to you and your pups!
Stephanie Lee Phillips
20:01 02 Apr 22
We are so grateful to have met Mary and have her train our little puppy!!! Dolly came back from training with so much knowledge and composure!!! We have 4 young kids and Mary took the time to help them work with her as well! We truly couldn't recommend her enough!!!
Katie Gracar
13:50 01 Apr 22
Mary was fantastic for our newest dog LadyBug. Someone had dumped LadyBug in the country, and she was a very shy, cautious, and uncertain young puppy. After 2 weeks with Mary, LadyBug's confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. She is no longer constantly timid with my husband, and she seems proud of herself when she is praised for her new tricks and skills. Every day LadyBug came home exhausted, but happy and a little bit smarter. Mary was always willing to answer my questions, and help make sure I was learning how to work with Bug in corrections.
Sarah Hawley
17:07 03 Mar 22
We brought Ruger to see Mary about a month ago! It was definitely life changing not only for him but us too! I learned how to better structure his environment and walks to set him up for success and have a better relationship with him. Before coming to see Mary, Ruger lasted about 5 minutes on walks and had to wear a muzzle due to eating every single thing. Since we left Mary we threw away our muzzle and have not used one since. Ruger goes on hour long walks now and is enjoying the outside a LOT more then he used to. He is still his happy, sneaky, crazy golden self but in a much safer manner. I would recommend Mary to everyone I know as she is truly outstanding. Ruger definitely misses seeing her every day as well! Thank you Mary!!!
Amy D
21:24 02 Feb 22
Mary was amazing. We have a 65 pound 6 month old puppy that was so powerful he pulled me down the street for daily walks. It got to the point we were afraid to walk him so after checking reviews we found Mary. She was prompt in responding to our inquiry and found her to have a very good program (we did one week on/ one off/ one on). Needless to say the puppy came back a different dog after just one week! We made it clear up front what our expectations and needs were and boy did she deliver. She has been an invaluable resource to us. Could not be happier and highly recommend her to anyone (just check her reviews!). Very knowledgeable and just loved on our sweet Charlie.
Karen Pankowski
17:33 02 Sep 21
It was the best investment we ever made! Mary was wonderful with Chloe. Even our neighbors noticed the difference. It is now a joy taking Chloe for walks and to the beach. She listens!
Tracy Goitein
21:12 23 Aug 21
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Mary is incredible! Our 2 goldendoodles are completely different dogs after being with her for 2 weeks. They are so well behaved. Mary gave us step by step instructions at pickup each day with commands that were easy for us and our kids to understand. We can’t wait to continue training in the future. She truly is a dog whisperer! I can tell my boys miss her already, and truthfully, so do I. She’s not only a great trainer but also a wonderful human. Thanks Mary!!!
16:09 13 Jul 21
We rescued a young puppy during a pretty stressful time, we had just had a baby, middle of the move, covid, and just life. We found Mary and honestly had a hard time justifying the cost of the 12 day boarding training but we had zero experience with puppies so we went ahead and committed. We counted down until the day for the boarding camp, while we loved our puppy, he was a lot and he was rapidly growing and just a massive ball of lovable energy, which was great but stressful. When we picked him up from Mary, we were blown away. Our sweet boy had turned into such an obedient listener! He knew commands and would listen and follow directions but he was still the same lovable dog. Her ability to teach our dog while encouraging his sweet temperament is just amazing. She was posting pictures daily which I truly appreciated. She also is super responsive to any and ALL texts! She always answers and it’s abundantly clear she truly cares. Her services are well worth the cost associated, honestly, her services are priceless to me! She has a gift and I’m so grateful we found her!
Meredith Van Dyke
15:26 08 Jun 21
We sent our 2 year old mini Aussiedoodle, Willow, for the 2 week board & train with Mary. She's very smart but due to not being able to socialize her with Covid-19, initially was very jealous and not the biggest fan of other dogs. I CANNOT stress enough how transformative this program was for Willow! She knows (and LOVES!) her place command, she heals when we walk, does not bark at other dogs on walks to protect me anymore. While she is still a "people" dog, she now will warm up to other dogs after about 30 minutes on leash in a room with another dog. She's SO obedient that when we release her, she typically chooses to just stay put. 😛 Can't wait to take her back for refreshers every now and then. THANK YOU MARY!
Thomas Agostini
20:13 04 Jun 21
Mary is the BEST! Helped my super timid dog become more confident and happy.
Alicia Schuster
19:50 25 May 21
We sent our almost One year old golden retriever there for the two week program and it was absolutely life-changing! He no longer pulls on the leash in any way, comes when is called, knows place and how to handle himself around people and pets both inside and out of our home. Worth every penny, thank you guys so much for making our fur-baby so well behaved!
Anne Marie Checinski
13:46 02 May 21
Mary exceeded expectations in every way! She did an amazing job training my pup, and an equally great job giving me the tools to maintain his positive behavior at home. A once challenging-to-walk 90lb dog is now a more confident, respectful and happy dog with an understanding of boundaries and appropriate behavior. My only regret is not connecting with Mary sooner!
Caroline Stevenson
20:16 23 Mar 21
AMAZING experience with Mary at Dog Training Now. Our 8 month old labrador was non-stop testing us before we signed her up for the 12 day program. She has come back sweeter than ever and so well disciplined. She is a dream to take for a walk now and no longer runs around the house taking anything she can get her hands on. We are so impressed with the training and it was such a reasonable price as well! Highly highly recommend!!
Aubrey Hoffman
01:30 08 Mar 21
Mary at Dog Training Now CHS is the BEST trainer and dog-sitter ever!! We’ve sent our 1 year old golden retriever to Mary to receive training and after 5 short days, our dog came home obedient, more disciplined, a better listener, and a MUCH better walking partner. Also, we have boarded our dog at this facility and I think our dog was in HEAVEN there!! He played SO much, we saw so many videos on their Instagram and he looked playful and happy in all of them. Mary takes such great care of the dogs here and We love this facility so much. We’ll continue to take our dog here for boarding and training as long as we possibly can! We could not recommend this place more. Thanks Mary!
Ty Church
18:36 06 Dec 20
We are so happy our friends recommended Dog Training Now for our terrier mix puppy Bruno. It’s obvious that Mary wants your pet (and you) to learn all the basics to be good citizens. Bruno went to class for 2 weeks and has retained everything that Mary taught him. Our neighbors comment on what a well behaved puppy we have. It makes us proud but it’s all thanks to Mary!
Pendleton Rouse
21:40 23 Nov 20
We had a wonderful experience sending our 10-month old lab , Emma, for a two-week training with Mary! Our sweet but stubborn and high-energy puppy came back more obedient, calm, and confident. She now walks on leash beautifully, and I can almost sense her thanking us for sending her. Thank you, Mary, for everything - we look forward to our follow-up class!
Sarah Torres
19:51 23 Nov 20
Mary is an incredible trainer! Our dog Sophie attended her 12 day training program and learned how to walk perfectly on her leash! Mary was extremely helpful and explained all of the training clearly so we are able to continue practicing at home! Most importantly, our pup loved her! 🙂
Taylor Lord
16:03 05 Oct 20
I cannot thank Mary enough! Our doodle was all over the place on walks and when we had guests over. We can now take him on walks and actually enjoy them as well as have people over without him going crazy. Nash loved Mary and it was great to know he was in such good hands during his 12 day board and train. He has only been home for a little over a week and is doing amazing with all of his commands, it has made such a difference in our daily routine we now love our walks and can take Nash wherever without getting embarrassed about him acting out. We are so happy with the results and will recommend Mary to anyone who is looking to have their dog trained, Its seriously life changing!!!
Cyndi Lilkendey
19:32 10 Sep 20
Awesome, Loki is like a new dog.
Kunta Kenta
23:06 01 Sep 20
Kaitlyn McComb
23:55 29 May 20
Mary was absolutely amazing with our German shepherd puppy Kona! She was great about working with our crazy schedules and Kona loved going. Kona was always excited to see Mary. She has such a positive approach and answered all our questions promptly( even on weekends sometimes). Due to the virus we were nervous about how to socialize her and Mary did an awesome job with that! We had problems with biting to hard when playing and she helped show up different approaches to help correct that.
Angel Pack
13:40 23 May 20
We are so appreciative of the work that Dog Training Now Charleston put in to training our dog. He is such a pleasure and we can’t believe the difference this training made for him and our family!
Christine Barnard
23:51 22 May 20
Mary is an amazing trainer. We love her positive approach to training. Positive training without treats is important for long term success. We have had four dogs go through her training and are happy with the results. We sometimes fail training as owners and its been especially important to us that she is there to help answer questions or even allow for training to get back on the right track.
Jane Brown
19:22 21 May 20
Mary trained our 6 month old lab, Murphy Brown, 4 years ago and she is one of the most well behaved dog we know. I can bring her to friends and restaurants without fear of her bothering everyone and when she does grab the occasional show or hat at home, she “drops it” on command.The original reason we signed up for training with Mary was because our prior trainer was trying to teach Us how to train Murphy, a common technique. However, We are not professional trainers and had no interest in spending a lot of time trying to train Murphy. The option of having Mary do all the training was perfect for us. Of course she showed us how to reinforce the good behavior, but she was the one who really trained her.I recommend Dog Training Now Charleston to all our friends. They Rock!!
Terry McMichael
17:48 21 May 20
I have worked with many dog trainers over the years with little to no luck. I have an older lab mix which had some very unsafe habits that I couldn't resolve. Working with Mary not only resolved the bolting but helped with the recall. So naturally when we got a puppy Mary was the first person I called. Vader is doing excellent with his manners, and walking on a leash. I have always enjoyed working with Mary and her approach with the dogs. I would always recommend Mary to work with any dog, any age, any problem.
Emmie Holmes
21:27 19 May 20
Our pup Samson LOVES trainer Mary! He went to her for a board & train at 6 months old. Mary helped fine tune everything we’d be struggling with... crate training, potty training, leash pulling, and useful commands like ‘leave it’ ‘off’ and ‘place’. We couldn’t believe how much he learned in 2 weeks at such a young, rambunctious age! We still drop him off from time to time for “day school” and he’s currently attending alumni camp, mostly because he loves Mary so much and it makes us happy to see how excited he is to see her every time! He’s a better behaved dog with each visit. Also, you can truly tell when someone treats your dog well, and Samson makes it very obvious that this a great place!!
Christa Pappas
18:58 19 May 20
Mary was AMAZING! She was so great about scheduling, especially since my schedule is so crazy. My dog Tucker love love loved going to see her every day and I could not ask for a better trained dog. We will definitely be going back with any future dogs! We can't thank you enough Dog Training Now Charleston!!!
Barbara Wachter
13:57 20 Apr 20
I have an 80 pound 10 month old Labrador retriever. He’s happy go lucky and wants to greet people and dogs alike like but doesn’t know his strength. Walking him was impossible for me I’m not strong enough to restrain him when he gets excited. In the house we were constantly chasing him trying to retrieve something he took as he surfed the house. After sending him to Dog Training Now we have our old playful dog back but without all the bad habits. I can now walk him and feel confident that he will stick with me. When we got home he tested us picking up a shoe but after one time of saying Leave It he put it down and did not pick it up again. We now have sanity in our house 👍👍 Dog Training Now with Mary was certainly a wonderful and well worth while experience I would recommend to anyone that wants to give their dog some experienced training!!
Brittany Page
15:11 15 Apr 20
We worked with trainer Mary - she is amazing!! Very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. She truly wants only the best for your dog!
Brittany Waite
17:06 14 Apr 20
We worked with trainer Mary and she was so attentive to our Millie girl and treated her like one of her own. She came back to use so well behaved, more confident and so good at listening to commands. Thanks for taking care of our little fam
William Floyd
21:57 12 Apr 20
When we left our dog Moeshia with Mary, we felt nothing but ease and comfort. She was very attentive to our needs and wants with what we were hoping Moe would learn. Sure enough, Moe has improved quickly and effectively and has loved trainer Mary throughout the process! She gets excited every time we arrive at Mary’s place and is sad to leave. Thank you, Mary!
Erica Cooper
01:58 08 Apr 20
Mary did an amazing job attending to the concerns i had with my dog. I was very impressed with the results!
Jason Zero
21:37 07 Apr 20
Took my super energetic mini-golden doodle here. Given how she was, I figured it would take years before any progress but I was glad to be wrong. Mary gave her all the time and attention she needed. She even walked me through what I was doing wrong so that I could keep up with the training. We went from run chasing after everything, to walking perfectly by my side after a couple of sessions, to sitting until commanded to be free a couple of sessions after that. Would recommend anyone to take their dog here.
Melissa Guss
17:37 04 Apr 20
I just want to give Dog Training Now a HUGE shout out! I brought my Adorable stubborn Old English Bulldog here for training since she is a puller on the leash. I knew she was in good hands right when I met Mary, she was very kind, professional and you could see her passion/love for animals right away.. When I went to get my fur baby back, I was in shock! She was not pulling! I work with her everyday now so we do not break the habits this training has given us. Thank you so much!!!! Bonus- now I can get my kids to walk the dog and not be afraid she will pull them!
Emily McKee
01:44 04 Apr 20
Mary was absolutely amazing working with my dog Dorothy. She was so easy to work with and was flexible with me and Dorothy ADORED her. She trained her as a puppy and she’s now 6 and still wonderfully knows all the commands and walks like a champion! Thank you Dog Training Now and thank you to Mary! Having a very well trained dog who respects me I owe to you (and it makes all the difference)! You’re the best 🙂
Rachel Kiser
20:27 03 Apr 20
Mary is such a great trainer!! She is so patient and great with the dogs! She helped our crazy puppy Tesla become a well trained good citizen. The best command she taught was “place” which I had never heard of but it allows us to put Tesla in like a virtual cage anywhere! Tesla loved going to every training, and is so happy every time we see Mary. Our older dog Milli did not go through training but Mary let us use her as a distraction to help simulate the home environment better. Thank you so much Mary for helping us with Tesla!!
Andrea Desnoyer
18:41 03 Apr 20
I would highly recommend Dog Training Now Charleston for training your new family pet member. From the minute we met Dog Trainer Mary she had an instant connection with not only our dog but our family as well. As first time dog owners, she knew what we needed even before we did. She understood our needs, concerns and worked with us every step of the way. Her easy going personality combined with her vast knowledge of dog training made this a very easy and positive, fun experience! Dog Training Now Charleston is absolutely the best place to go.
stephanie rojenches
16:21 03 Apr 20
Working with trainer Mary was a delight! You can tell she is very experienced and truly cares about each dog she trains. She was so easy to work with when it came to scheduling & flexibility. 10/10 recommend!
Christa Wolff
15:18 03 Apr 20
Elizabeth Welin
13:57 03 Apr 20
Trainer Mary was extremely attentive to our dog's and family's needs and she was amazing! Trainer Mary was very flexible with our schedule and the skills our dog learned have been long lasting. Would definitely recommend!
Drew Ginn
13:56 03 Apr 20
We worked with trainer Mary on our 6 month old black lab. Through her steadfast and consistent approach in training, our dog’s behavioral and obedience issues were quickly resolved. Would absolutely recommend her and will be coming back for more services!
13:37 03 Apr 20
Had a great Board and train. My crazy lab is now very manageable. Thanks Mary.
Judy L
13:30 03 Apr 20
Mary is an excellent trainer. We did a board and train program and are so happy. Our golden doodle is so much fun to walk now too!!!

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