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How Your Dog Should Respond to Someone at the Door

What happens when someone comes to your front door? Does your dog remain relaxed and quiet, or does he sprint to the door barking and howling along the way? Is the behavior friendly like we say it is, or is it aggressive and territorial? Your dog should always react in the correct way when someone comes to the front door. That means if you have a guard dog, it is okay that he barks at the door. But if you have a family with children or elders in your home, this sort of behavior could be harmful not only for the dog but for your family too. These are the general ideals when thinking about how your dog should act at the front door and when people are entering as guests or service members.

They Should Remain Where They Are or Go to a Safe Place

This does not apply to people who want to use their dogs as guards. For the rest of us who do not want that, your dog needs to be trained to either remain in place or move to a safer location. If you choose the safe location option, many people prefer a crate because it gives the dog security around them. Either way, keeping your dog away from the front door will cut down on chaos and eliminate injuries due to excitement.

They Should Learn Watchdog Tactics

Of course, not all dogs are watchdogs. Some do not have the temperament, and others that are too gun-hoe for the job. But whatever the case for the individual dog, they should be taught to learn the right time for barking. For instance, we want dogs to bark at intruders and threats but not to bark at family and friends. Using a set of training techniques and commands, every dog can learn the difference. Further, learning the difference is essential if they ever get into a situation without you—it could save their life.

For help in training your dog to react correctly in this and other situations, Dog Training Now Charleston offers a wide variety of training options. We will help train your dog and you into a better team. We also offer room and board training services for those dogs that need extra attention and encouragement.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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