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Most Important Training Your Dog Needs

You love your dog, and you want them to be well-behaved and to listen to you. Training is one of the most important things for your dog, but it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the fun parts of training and not focus on the most important aspects. While teaching your dog tricks can be enjoyable, and you are excited when they learn, those should come later.

You need to make sure your dog knows the fundamentals first. Why is it so important to focus on the basics? These are the commands that can help to keep your dog safe, and that can ensure they are well-behaved when you are out or when you have people come to visit.

Sit, Stay, Come: The Basics

These three commands tend to be the first things that your dog needs to learn. They are some of the most common commends found in many dog training classes, and there are good reasons for this. They are important. They help to ensure that your dog knows to listen to you. The commands also help you to get better control of your dog whether they are on or off the leash.

The commands will help the dog to become calm and can get them to stop jumping up on people or running off the minute they get outside.  When they know and listen to these commands, you can use them to keep your dog safe from injuries from cars, other animals, etc.


Another command that is a bit more complicated, but still easy for most dogs to learn, is place. There could be other terms used if you or your trainer prefers, of course. The gist behind this command is to train your dog to go to their special place, such as their dog bed when you command it.

Leave It

Dogs tend to get into trouble by getting into stuff that interests them. It’s part of their charm. However, they often pick things up in their mouth that could be bad for them, such as chicken bones, or that you don’t want them to have. Training them to “leave it” can ensure they aren’t picking up anything dangerous and running off with it.

Once these are learned, it’s possible to expand your dog’s skills and to teach them other tricks. For many, it can be hard to train their dog properly simply because they don’t have the knowledge to do it. To find out more, reach out to us here at Dog Training Now Charleston. We are here to help!

Dog Training Now Charleston

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