When we have pets, they become an integral part of our family. Showing our pets affection comes naturally. We cuddle with them, take them for walks, play with them, give them treats, or pet them. However, have you ever wondered how your dog shows you love and affection?

Dogs can’t talk, but they communicate their feelings about their human companions. Some ways dogs communicate affection are obvious, while others are more subtle. Here are five ways that dogs show their love.

1. Eye Contact

One of the easiest, most powerful indicators of your dog’s affection is eye contact. If your dog maintains eye contact when you talk to him or when you are playing, he exhibits his bond with you. Eye contact releases a hormone that triggers feelings of comfort and attachment. Both of you release the hormone when you maintain eye contact.

2. Following You Everywhere

Dogs are wired to be protective of their human companions, but if you’ve noticed your pet following you everywhere throughout the house, waiting on you outside a room, or coming to check on you, they are showing their loyalty. While it may seem annoying for your dog to be on your heels constantly, they are attempting to learn more about you. Following you is a way to show you they want to understand you and your emotions.

3. Licking You

Dogs use the licking instinct passed from their wild ancestors to show their humans that they aren’t a threat to them. Licking is a sign of affection. It can also be a grooming behavior, an intimate act for a dog.

4. Playing

When dogs are comfortable, they are playful creatures. One of the reasons we, as humans, love them is their energy. Playing chase, wrestling, or playing fetch are all ways our dogs show us they care, and they are bonded with us as their closest friend.

5. Leaning on You

If your dog feels nervous, scared, needs comfort, wants something, or wants to cuddle, she may lean against you. Your furry friend leans on you as a source of comfort. She is showing you affection or wants to protect you from any sign of danger. Regardless of the reason, leaning against you makes your pup feel secure and is one way she shows you affection.

Closing Thoughts

These are five of the many ways our dogs can show us affection. We rely on our pets for protection and companionship, and they depend on us for the same things. These signs, along with something as simple as the wagging of their tails, let us know they are comfortable and feel affection toward us. Contact Dog Training Now Charleston to learn more!

Dog Training Now Charleston

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