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How to Properly Puppy Proof Your Home

One of the most important things to do when you bring in a new puppy is to give them a good start. This can be done by puppy-proofing your home. After the dog grows older, less vigilance will be needed. However, now, you want to keep your pup safe.

Removing items that could make the dog unsafe will make life easier for both you and the pup.

The Kitchen

Kitchens house cords, cabinets, and drawers, as well as tastes and smells the puppy will enjoy. If a dog gets into a cabinet, it’s going to explore every inch. Childproof latches are a great way to keep their curiosity at bay. This keeps them away from dangerous cleaning supplies and food

In addition, teething pups may try to chew on cords. Enclosing, blocking, or tucking them away can keep the dog from getting its mouth on them.

The Bathroom

Soap, cotton swabs, and razors are some of the dangerous items in a bathroom. If ingested, this could create terror and an expensive bill at the emergency vet. Clean up after using these items and keep tissues, soap, and shampoos in a drawer or cabinet.

While the puppy is young, keep the toilet or the bathroom door closed. The trash can should be under the sink or fitted with a locking lid.

The Bedroom

Clothing, slippers, and shoes are all items that dogs will turn into toys if they aren’t out of sight. Keep cleaned up and put laundry in a hamper. Coins, hair ties, and jewelry should be in drawers or containers and wires must be secured.

In addition, aftershave and perfumes can be toxic to dogs so put them somewhere safe so the pup can’t reach them.

The Living Room

Magazines, electronics, and pillows are favorites of pups in living rooms. Avoid clutter to make it less likely your favorite belongings are chewed up. It’s also essential to move wires and cords out of the way.

Also, consider what houseplants you have. Some are toxic to dogs and may need to be removed or placed in other areas. Dogs may dig in the soil of safe plants and make a huge mess you need to clean up later.

After your puppy is settled into the home and the puppy proofing is complete, it might be time to get your new pet into training. Training early is a great way to ensure your dog understands what you expect. It can also avoid behavioral issues that might crop up if you wait for the training process to start.

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