Camping is a fantastic activity to enjoy whether it’s the entire family or just you and your dog. You can be sure that your dog will have a fantastic time out in the great outdoors where they can play and enjoy the fresh air. However, you also want to ensure your dog’s safety while you are camping.

Check the Campground Rules First

Wherever you are camping, whether it’s in the middle of nowhere or at a well-maintained campground, check the regulations. Are you allowed to bring a dog there? What are the rules about dogs at the campground?

Make Sure Your Dog Doesn’t Overheat

One of the dangers of being out in the wilderness is the heat. Dogs love to run and play, and they don’t always realize just how much they are exerting themselves. Always make sure your dog has plenty of water to stay hydrated. Try to create a shaded space where they can come and rest out of the sun, as well.

Use Leashes and Runs for Security

When you are hiking, keep your dog on a leash for their safety, even if they are well trained and will come back to you. You don’t want them to run into a snake, a porcupine, or other wildlife that can be unfriendly. When you set up camp, you might want to set up a short run for the dog. This gives them freedom of movement, but it keeps them from running too far from camp.

Make Sure Flea and Tick Treatments Are Up to Date

The woods can be a dirty place that’s filled with fleas and ticks. You want to make sure your dog has all of their treatments, so they don’t get bitten and infested by these pests. Even then, you should still check your dog for ticks and fleas during and after the trip.

Good Food and a Comfy Place to Sleep

Of course, you can’t forget their food and a nice place to sleep. Make sure you keep their food in containers that won’t let the smell escape and attract various types of wildlife.

Your dog will love their time out in the woods with you. Whether you are doing a week-long backpacking and canoeing trip, or you are just going to the local campground for the weekend, bring along your furry friend. Just keep these safety tips in mind.

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