Getting a new puppy is one of the best experiences in life. There is a lot of love and fun in the years ahead. However, you need to be sure that you are ready for a puppy and that you are serious about ensuring they have proper training. Below are some of the biggest mistakes that new puppy owners make and that you will want to avoid.

Scolding After the Fact

Puppies, and dogs, don’t think about the past or the future. They are living in the here and now. Humans, of course, don’t have this luxury. We’re constantly thinking about our past mistakes. It’s normal for us. When we see that the puppy chewed something or went to the bathroom on the floor, our instinct is to scold the puppy for what it did wrong.

The problem is that the pup has no clue what it did wrong. They just know that you are upset, but they don’t know why. Scolding isn’t going to help the dog learn. The only thing it might do is make it harder to bond with the puppy.

Rewarding Bad Behavior

As we said, puppies live in the moment. Unfortunately, owners sometimes unintentionally reward bad behavior, which reinforces to the dog that the behavior they just did gets them what they want. For example, puppies often bark and whine during crate training. Giving up and letting them out of the crate as soon as they bark ensures they never learn to be in a crate. Chasing them when they are chewing on something can seem like play, and they like the interaction.

Not Being Consistent

Owners also make the mistake of not being consistent with the rewards and corrections they give their puppy. This is confusing for your dog, as they don’t know what you want or expect. It can lead to what appears to be bad behavior, but it’s mostly just confusing behavior. Always try to be as consistent. This goes for not just you but for everyone in the family who will be with the puppy.

Get Help from a Professional

You want the best for your puppy, and sometimes this means getting some help with the training. Working with the professionals at Dog Training Now Charleston can be great for the dog, and it can provide you with some more insight into your pet’s behavior and how to work with your pup.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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