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Tips for Keeping Dogs from Regressing in Their Skills

One of the common things that happens once a pet has been trained is that later on down the road the parents find that they don’t seem to be minding as well as they once were. There can be many reasons for this but the main one is usually lack of consistency. Whether it is a puppy learning to potty outside or an elder dog staying off of the furniture, here are three tips to help keep them obedient.

Stay Dedicated to the Routine

What happens in most cases where the pet parent is satisfied with the results of training is that they simply get out of the routine. Dogs need consistency more than anything. When they do something repetitively it becomes a regular part of their life. They look at it the same way they do eating and sleeping. To keep your canine companion on their best behavior, engage in short reminder sessions regularly.

Keep Them Motivated

It is easy for dogs, especially younger ones, to get distracted. This is especially true if the rewards and praise have worn off. Dogs respond better when they get consistent positive reinforcement and validation for doing a good job. Treats, lots of pets and praise, and anything else that they enjoy can go a long way in keeping them motivated to please you. Additionally, mix things up with new treats and new toys from time to time.

Visit the Vet

In some cases the problem can be physical. When dogs are sick or uncomfortable for some reason, they often don’t respond well to training. It may cause them to have difficulty focusing on what you are trying to teach them. If you are following all of the expert advice and still having trouble, a vet trip is in order.

There is no need to get overwhelmed if you are having difficulty teaching your dog how to behave. That’s where the professionals come in. For more tips and suggestion on how to best train your pup, get in touch with the experts at Dog Training Now Charleston. From potty training to obedience training, we do it all.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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