Potty Training

Tips if Your Dog Still Has Accidents in the House

A common problem pet owners face is housebreaking their new puppy or dog. Housebreaking a canine is not only important, it’s critical. It mitigates behavior problems and prevents illness from occurring in your home. If you’re having trouble getting your older pooch to get the message about using the right area for the bathroom, here are some tips that may help.

Set the Right Example for Your Dog

First of all, never rub your pet’s nose in his accidents… this will only cause him to lose trust in you and could make things worse. Housebreaking any dog can be challenging. If you say one thing and do another, your dog will learn to distrust you, and this could make the housetraining process more difficult for both of you.

  • Keep your dog on a strict schedule. You may need to take him or her out more often if accidents are still happening.
  • Make sure your pet is getting enough exercise, especially after meals, because it can help with bowel movements as well as bladder control.
  • Play games indoors with your dog, like fetch or tug of war, to burn off steam and make it easier for him or her to focus on their potty training instead of playing around the house.
  • Try using praise instead of treats for encouragement since everyone likes a compliment now and then!
  • If you’re having trouble training your dog not to go in certain rooms of the house, close the door and let him or her roam free in the other rooms instead.
  • If you see your pet sniffing around or circling, quickly pick him or her up and rush them outside to use the bathroom. Dogs can’t hold it very long and accidents happen fast, so it’s best to get them out of the house as soon as you notice.
  • Set up an area outside that is just for potty breaks so he or she knows where to go when nature calls.
  • When accidents do happen anyway, don’t yell at your dog! It will only upset them and make things worse than they already are. Instead, clean up any messes with a pet-friendly cleaner like Nature’s Miracle if possible since dogs can smell their scent on things, and it will make them want to go in that spot again.
  • Teach your pet to ring a bell by the door when he or she needs to go out, so you always know when they need to use the bathroom.

Let Us Help with Dog Training

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