Many of today’s dog trainers have taught owners to get their puppies’ attention and then reward them for responding appropriately. This is often done with a clicker or a set of training treats that can be used to shape behavior. It works most of the time, but it doesn’t always work. Having your dog focus on you will help you keep him safe because he will pay attention when people approach or when cars are passing by. Your dog might also ignore you so that he can go play with another dog or try to eat something he just found under the sofa cushions. If this sounds familiar, there are several things you can try to get your dog’s attention.


This is useful when the dog wants to do something else because it involves giving him something pleasant. The easiest way would be to use his favorite treats if he does not have any food allergies. With luring, you start by holding a treat in your hand and moving it slowly towards your pet’s nose until they follow the smell of the snack. When your dog follows, you should give him at least a couple of seconds before pulling back so that he can see where the treat came from. This will make him look up and focus on where his food came from which will also help with training sessions as well as prevent getting into trouble out in public places such as roads or busy parks where distractions are everywhere. You can continue this about 5 or 6 times during a training session before you stop.

Getting His Attention with Sound

There are several sounds that dogs can hear better than humans, especially high-pitched noises. If your dog is not used to hearing anything at all, he might be distracted for a while until he begins to get accustomed to the new tone of your voice. You might want to try whistling or making kissing noises to get him looking back up since this will have an effect on him similar to using treats in the previous method. The only drawback with this tactic is that you also have other people around who are now able to call your pup over as well if they have the know-how.

Using Toys Seems

If your dog loves toys or playing fetch, then this is a great way on how to get his attention. Many dogs will not pay attention when called over if they are playing with a toy or something else that interests them. Instead of directly asking your dog, you can throw a ball or whatever he happens to be held at the time and see what happens from there. Want more tips? Then reach out to us here at Dog Training Now Charleston and we can teach you other methods to ensure you always have your dogs’ attention when you need it.

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