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Why Is Dog Training So Expensive?

Have you considered enrolling your dog in professional training, but the price has you hesitating? Many dog owners are surprised to see the hourly rate for a well-educated dog trainer. While the shock is normal, there’s good reason for paying way over minimum wage for a dog trainer. 

What Factors Determine Training Cost?

While you may think you’re only paying for the time the trainer dedicates to you and your dog, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many moving parts to dog training, and they all work together to determine what a trainer charges for services. 


A well-qualified dog trainer has gone through a lot of education to ensure they have the proper knowledge to train a variety of dogs properly. They’ve likely trained more than just their dog or their family’s dog. They have a lot of experience, time, money, and learning put into their skill. 

A trainer with specialized training on aggressive breeds or hard-to-train dogs will have put even more time and money into proper education. These trainers deserve an adequate return on their investment because of the knowledge they can pass on to you. 

Creativity and Problem Solving

Every trainer is unique and has a way of approaching different issues. When you have a creative trainer, they will have a personalized way to train your dog. The care put into creating training plans and following up on their clients is worth compensating. 

Prep Time

Your trainer is spending more time training your dog than just the time they work directly with you. Lesson planning, facility setup, goal planning, and travel time go into a proper training session. You want your trainer to spend time before and after your session preparing for the lesson and evaluating results. This effort ensures a curated training plan and updated plans. 

Why the Cost Is Worth It

Hiring a dog trainer means you’ll have someone working with your dog who has years of hands-on experience and knowledge in the training world. Passion, hard work, and dedication to the craft translate to every training session. 

The cost will depend on the dog’s age, your location, the training needed, and the factors mentioned above. However, dog owners everywhere continue to agree that the investment is well worth it.  A well-behaved, happy, and obedient dog is truly a priceless gift. Contact Dog Training Now Charleston to learn more!

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