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Puppy Potty Training 101: Tips From Our Professionals

Your new puppy is a furry bundle of snuggles and sweetness. But he’s also a new member of your family who needs boundaries and consistency for his new home. One of the most important parts of being a good puppy parent is to get potty training established sooner than later. Potty training a dog of any age can be frustrating for even the most experienced owners. Fortunately, the team at Dog Training Now Charleston is full of tips to guide you and your pup to potty success.

Start now

“One of the keys to successful potty training is starting early,” says Certified Professional Trainer and Dog Training Now Charleston Owner Mary Leonardis. “Too often, owners let their new puppy have free run all over the house. “Puppies just aren’t ready for this kind of freedom and it can lead to a lot of accidents,” says Trainer Mary.

Use a crate.

Crates are an important tool for dog training, and can be especially crucial during the potty training process. “Crates keep your dog safe and feeling secure”. Keeping your new puppy in their crate when you are able to directly keep an eye on them will help to reinforce potty training skills.

As soon as you bring your puppy out of the crate, go outside together immediately. Similarly, before you put puppy in his crate for some relaxation time, go outside. This type of routine can give your puppy positive reinforcement that leads to success.

Consistency is key.

Potty training is all about consistency, and your puppy needs close supervision to assure that you are keeping accidents to a minimum. When potty training your pup, be sure that you are watching him at all times and are heading outside often. When you are both ready for a break, give him some safe down time in his crate.

Watch water intake.

Puppies don’t need as much water as you may think. In fact, puppies between 8-16 weeks of age only need one ounce of water per pound per day. Keeping water intake to a safe amount can reduce accidents and increase success.

Throw a party.

Any time your pup goes to the potty outside, make a big deal of it. “Give lots of pets and praise for every positive step,” says Trainer Mary. Consistent positive reinforcement shows your puppy exactly what you want him to do.

Does potty training seem like it is just too much for your schedule to handle? It’s okay – many owners need a little bit of help when it comes to potty training. If you are looking for a consistent potty training program, look no further than our Puppy Potty Training Program here at Dog Training Now Charleston. We give your pup the consistency, supervision, and praise that he needs to become potty trained quicker. Give us a call to set up a consultation!

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