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Tips for Working From Home with Your Dog

No matter if you work from home consistently and are a pro, or if you have been displaced to work from home due to the global coronavirus pandemic, there is a definite learning curve if your home office includes a canine coworker. Working from home means you get extra time with your dog, which is great, but it also means you might not know how to effectively blend your work schedule with your dog’s schedule. We’ve got the tips to keep things running smoothly while you are working from your home office (or couch).

Start with a Walk

If you and your dog aren’t already on a morning walk schedule, now is the perfect time to adopt it. Getting out and about before you start work in the morning can not only give you the fresh air and movement you need to begin your workday well, but it can also give your dog the exercise he needs to relax for the rest of the morning.

Plan Video Calls Appropriately

Zoom and Skype calls are par for the course now that you are working from home, which means your co-workers now get a glimpse into your life. While some offices don’t mind a few cameos from pets, it is not a great look for your dog to be running around throughout your video frame. To avoid any issues, make sure you are taking care of your dog’s needs prior to beginning your calls. Make sure your pup has been fed and watered, as well as had time to go outside, before you connect your call.

Avoid Barking

If you are jumping on a telephone call or video chat, ensure you won’t be interrupted by incessant barking from your dog. For some dogs, “out of sight, out of mind” works the best. Simply close your office door so that you dog can feel free to relax somewhere else. Other dogs may do better if you give them a command to focus on instead of barking at the visiting Amazon delivery person.

Enjoy the Cuddles

If you haven’t worked from home before, you and your dog are likely excited to get some extra time together. Enjoy the extra cuddles from your canine co-worker whenever you can; petting your dog relieves stress and offers a great perspective during these uncertain times.

If you are needing some additional obedience support, Dog Training Now Charleston has you covered. We are ready to work with you and your dog in order to make obedience a priority. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Dog Training Now Charleston

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