When Is the Best Time to Start Training Your Dog?

There are a lot of questions within the canine lover community as to when the proper time to begin training is. As far as the experts go, there is a general consensus that basic obedience training can begin as young as seven or eight weeks. However, that is for healthy puppies that you brought home around six weeks old. There are numerous other circumstances under which a family may introduce a dog into their home.

Sometimes dogs are rescues. In these instances, it can be a case to case basis of when the proper time to start training might be. Other dogs may have already developed bad habits and need to be un-trained first. In other words, training timelines depend on a number of factors. Still, there are some general principles that can be followed. For more information, the team here at Dog Training Now is always ready to help.

As a Puppy

If you do bring a new pup home and are ready to get started on training as early as possible, it’s important to start simple. Any dog needs to understand 3 basic commands and this is a great place to begin. Easy tasks such as sit, stay and place are a good way to introduce your dog to behavioral learning without overwhelming it. Potty training, not jumping up on people and not biting when playing are other common basic lessons as well.

After They’ve Had Time to Adjust

For those individuals or families who welcome in an adult dog to your home, a period of adjustment will most likely be necessary. The dog may be experiencing separation anxiety from their longtime owners. Even if they have been enrolled in training programs before, they may be too unsettled to get started right away.

No matter what type of customized attention your dog may need, the pros here at Dog Training Now can help. Some folks just need a little help with potty training and basic commands. Others want a more involved behavioral instruction program. Most people fall somewhere in between. Give us a call to discuss your plans for your pooch’s training!

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