How to Get Your Dog Used to You Leaving the House Again

With more and more people heading back to work as the world reopens, one member of the family may not like it; your canine companion. Many people’s dogs have become very accustomed to having their owner’s home all day long. Now, some of them are experiencing anxiety issues and internet searches for canine separation anxiety have soared.

What Can Cause Separation Anxiety

Although the cause of anxiety seems pretty self explanatory the actual root may vary from pup to pup. For rescue dogs, they may have been abandoned or left confined in small areas. Other dogs may simply be spoiled from excess attentionand company from their owner while at home recently. Also, the loss of a family member or other pet can trigger these feelings as well. Certain causes may call for specific treatments.

How to Deal With Minor Issues

Most cases of anxiety in dogs are not very severe. Many times it is nothing more than overexcitement when returning and neediness throughout the evening. It can escalate further to excess barking or perhaps chewing through furniture or fabrics. A few simple but effective techniques for reducing these behaviors include:


  • Not making a big deal about returning home
  • Creating a safe confinement area with toys and plenty of room
  • Waiting a few minutes to pet your dog upon arrival
  • Speaking in a soothing voice

How to Deal With More Serious Cases

Once you move beyond the symptoms listed in the previous section, you are usually dealing with a more serious problem. At this point your dog may urinate or defecate throughout the house. They may be too hyper when you arrive home. In these cases, we recommend a professional assessment. Dog Training Now has a lot of experience in this area. The most important thing is taking care of your puppy’s nerves.

Sometimes helping your dog learn to manage its anxiety takes more than a few tricks and techniques around the house. At Dog Training Now we have helped a number of canines with their separation issues. If you find yourself with a dog that is having a difficult time with you leaving to go back to work, get in touch with us to discuss your options today!

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