Warmer temperatures and sunny skies mean summer is here in Charleston! Before you hit the beach with your furry best friend or take that road trip with your pup, remember that safety should come first. Here are just a few ways you can ensure your dog stays safe this summer, no matter your activities.

Know Dog Park Manners

Dog parks can be wonderful places where your dog can cut loose and stretch their legs. However, dog parks can also be a bit dangerous for your dog and for you. While we don’t encourage a lot of dog park activity here at Dog Training Now Charleston, we do tell all our clients to be safe when using their local dog park.

Be sure your dog knows the Come command so that you can be confident they will run to you when you need them to. Also, keep an eye out for other people’s dogs and trust your gut if it seems like one is a bit too aggressive for you to feel safe.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dogs can overheat and dehydrate just as quickly as we can, so be vigilant about keeping water readily available for your dog. At home, keep his water bowl’s full of fresh water. When you are outside in the backyard, have a bowl available for him there as well. Finally, when you are out hiking or exploring, keep a collapsible bowl at the ready to fill with water and give to your thirsty pup. Beware of signs of dehydration and overheating such as excessive panting and lethargy – it’s best to head inside to cool off if your dog is showing these serious symptoms.

Brush Up on Those Leash Skills

Chances are high you’ll be leashing up your dog for more hikes, walks, and jaunts this season. Assure your dog is well behaved and ready to walk nicely on their leash. Use the Let’s Go command for your adventures, giving a Heel command to keep your dog close when others approach. Remember to have your dog Sit before he gets a pet from a stranger and know when he has had enough attention.

If you need some help with obedience skills that will help to keep your dog safe this summer, give us a call. Our Trainers are ready to give the instruction and practice that your dog needs to Come, Heel, Sit, and more. Let’s get started soon!

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